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package service
import java.util.function.Supplier
import javax.inject._
import{Party, PartyRepository}
import party.{User, UserService}
import party.UserService
import play.db.jpa.JPAApi
import shared.{Api, UserItem}
import java.util.function.Supplier
import scala.collection.JavaConversions._
class ApiService @Inject() (jPAApi: JPAApi, userService: UserService) extends Api {
......@@ -16,7 +14,7 @@ class ApiService @Inject() (jPAApi: JPAApi, userService: UserService) extends Ap
override def simpleAjaxCall(name: String): String = "this is a plain string originating from server"
// get User items
override def getUsers: Seq[UserItem] = {
override def getUsers(): Seq[UserItem] = {
jPAApi.withTransaction(new Supplier[Seq[UserItem]]{
override def get(): Seq[UserItem] = {
val users = userService.findAll()
package util;
import auth.LoggingAuthenticationListener;
import blocks.pageblock.DefaultPage;
......@@ -37,28 +36,27 @@ public class DemoProjectCmsApiLifecycle extends CMSApiLifecycleImpl {
public DemoProjectCmsApiLifecycle(
JPAApi jpaApi,
CMSApi cmsApi,
ActorSystem actorSystem,
PlayAuthApi playAuthApi,
JotFormService jotFormService,
PartyRepository partyRepository,
LoggingAuthenticationListener loggingAuthenticationListener
) {
super(jpaApi, actorSystem, jotFormService);
super(cmsApi, jpaApi, actorSystem, jotFormService);
this.playAuthApi = playAuthApi;
this.partyRepository = partyRepository;
this.loggingAuthenticationListener = loggingAuthenticationListener;
public void onStart(CMSApi cmsApi) {
public void onStart() {
protected void registerCmsBlocks(CMSApi cmsApi) {
// base cms blocks except PageBlock
......@@ -91,4 +89,5 @@ public class DemoProjectCmsApiLifecycle extends CMSApiLifecycleImpl {
.register("flashPartial", () -> ch.insign.cms.views.html.admin.shared.flashPartial.render());
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